Petuna Future-Proof Ponds to Safeguard Against Erosion

Privately owned aquaculture company, Petuna, in Cressy, Tasmania engaged Wiley to provide a safe and cost-effective design to stop the continuous erosion of the clay earth embankments at their existing grow out ponds. The constant erosion was causing site challenges and safety concerns.

Petuna is committed to producing the highest quality, sustainably sourced seafood whilst responsibly maintaining the welfare of their fish and the environments in which they operate.

Wiley worked with Petuna on a design to halt the current erosion with the supply and installation of new structurally engineered precast concrete wall panels, and upgrade an existing cross over bridge that enables the feed truck to access the ponds. The panels formed a solid wall face to each side of the existing clay earth pond walls, preventing further erosion from occurring. The safety concerns addressed with the works complete were safe access for Petuna staff and safe operations around the existing pond. Safety considerations addressed during the project were; working around ponds, lifting tilt panels over ponds, concrete pumping biosecurity of the site as this is an operational fish hatchery.

The solution has provided easy to maintain ponds for Petuna staff and safe access and egress when working in and around ponds. Petuna was able to maintain their natural environment for the growing and maturing process of the Salmon Parr, including the outdoor ponds.

The existing outdoor ponds were also able to be retained due to the Wiley design. Petuna had been originally considering removing the outdoor ponds, due to the risks involved in maintaining and accessing them.

The product has created a niche market for taste, due to the natural process of raising Salmon & Trout outdoors, a process that is typically carried out indoors.

Wiley Tasmania’s Senior Project Manager, Logan Ashmole said “Wiley engaged local structural engineering firm, 6ty° – Structural Engineering along with local subcontractors and suppliers to deliver the project. Timing was critical, as milestones had to be achieved due to the two ponds being out of action and not in use.”

“Petuna are proud to be the most sustainably certified aquaculture company in Australia, with the highest certifications of any aquaculture company in the world and we are proud to work with them,” he said.


Thanks to the following subcontractors and suppliers that helped us to deliver this project: