Nestlé Sugar and Milk Handling Review

Client: Nestlé
Location: Review PT Nestlé Indonesia’s sugar and milk handling practices in preparation for a new project

Project Description

Handling process review streamlines PT Nestlé Indonesia’s operations


Nestlé is an iconic international brand producing and supplying a vast array of food and beverage products throughout the world.


To review PT Nestlé Indonesia’s sugar and milk handling practices in preparation for a new project.


Conducting a review that would result in:

  • Fewer labour intensive steps in the handling process
  • A less complex handling process
  • A change in practice from small bag handling to bulk handling.



  • A series of recommendations for sugar handling practices:
    • Reduce manual handling
    • Eliminate unnecessary testing for wet process, which would make sugar available after one hour rather than five days
    • Eliminate testing so that sugar can be unloaded directly from containers (and not handles through off-site warehousing)
    • Eliminate the first-in-first-out (FIFO) policy for sugar that comes from a seasonal stockpile in the country of origin.


  • Two milk powder handling recommendations:
    • Reduce manual handling
    • Consider using milk powder directly from containers (for wet process only) where product is from known quality suppliers


  • An outline of the advantages and disadvantages of bulk sugar handling systems
  • Recommendations of actions for further investigation of bulk sugar handling systems and transfer systems.


Wiley delivered a review that enables the client to confidently streamline and optimise the sugar and milk handling process as part of their upcoming project.

This project further strengthens the client’s foot hold in an expanding regional market.